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About Us

Through conferences, camps, leadership retreats, and Gurbani study courses, we work to provide Sikh youth the resources to apply Sikhi into their daily lives.

Our Mission

United Sikh Movement (USM) strives to strengthen the Sikh community by building a structural foundation, providing a variety of resources and presenting networking opportunities for Sikh Students Associations. USM grounds its projects and structures in four principles centered around Simran (Spirituality), Seva (Philanthropy), Sangat (Community), and Academics. USM also unites Sikh youth through comprehensive community building, philanthropy, and political organization. Furthermore, USM provides students opportunities to engage critically on issues pertaining to Sikhism to incubate and inspire the present and future Sangat members and leaders.


Retaining passion for Sikhi while away from home by balancing work, school, and Sikhi.

Building networks between students and professionals.

Connecting to Sangat through Naam, Seva, and academic resources.

Bringing change and love into their communities.

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