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Sarover: Think Tank & Incubator

Sarover is a think tank designed to promote problem solving within the Sikh Panth. Sarover scholars choose a problem they see in Punjab, their local state, or the Sikh Panth and develop research papers or projects to understand and solve those problems. Their work is stored in a shared knowledge bank. Scholars have the opportunity to publish their research with esteemed journals as well as gain guidance on how to build their projects. The scholars will present at the USM conference where they can recruit Sikh students to join their research or non-profit team. 

Project Sahara

Gurmun Dhillon

Throughout most of society, poverty has been a systematic and prevalent issue that many countries continue to deal with. This project will focus on a multi-dimensional analysis of poverty alleviation within Punjab. Furthermore, the project will aim to provide a sustainable model in addressing basic needs such as access to quality healthcare, education, and a means of living.

Gender Inequality

Manreet Thind

What I'm focusing on for my Sarover project is gender inequality. I really want to see why women still face inequality in all aspects of life when Sikhi promotes equality and equality is one of Sikhi's central themes. I just want to see why culture overrides religion in this matter.

Drub Problem in Punjabi Communities

Harveen Shergill

I will be researching and analyzing the amount of drug abuse within the Punjabi community here in California. To ensure that my research is thorough and credible I will be conducting surveys and interviews from a diverse group amongst the community.

Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji & Science

Angad Beniwal

My project is analyzing cosmological descriptions in Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji and comparing them to current scientific literature

Neurological Effects of Gurmat Sangeet

Harlovepreet Singh

My project focuses on analyzing Gurmat Sangeet and how it can affect the brain. Raag based music is known to provoke specific emotions as there is a big emphasis on the concept of Ras theory, which suggests that all raags are to have a specific ras or emotion. Gurbani being written in Raags suggests that the bani under each raag is to go hand-in-hand with the emotions that the Raag provokes. I am looking at previous scientific literature to determine how the process of learning along with practical application of Gurmat Sangeet can lead to effects in cognitive changes, including effect on mood, mental illness, and memory.

Unity Within the Community

Asees Singh Grewall

I am working to develop a system to utilize institutions, such as the Gurdwaras,  to respond to crisis and issues around the world. It will help in relief work, sustainability and implementing growth in global communities by allowing Sikhs to selflessly be there for international communities. This will be accomplished by raising awareness on global issues, providing funds to global communities through crowd source fundings and providing volunteers too global non profits.

Pregnancy Outcomes in Punjab, Pakistan

Prabhleen Aneja

I learned access to healthcare, social-political climate, and years of oppression and colonization are some of the many reasons why the maternal and infant mortality rate is high in Punjab, Pakistan. The Sarover research thesis I wrote is a 40 page critical analysis of four community based solutions that work to improve maternal health outcomes.

Want to join a Sarover Team?

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