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Our SSAs

Our family of SSA's have come together to build a stronger sense of Sikhi and love in their organization by hosting events having to do with Simran, Seva, Sangat & Academics. Check out their individual journey!

Sikh Student Associations have now become more interlinked that ever before, allowing for a larger sense of unity. SSAs host an array of events for the growth of students both within their own campus and out in the community. Through weekly and quarterly events focused on spiritual and academic growth, USM hopes to empower students and have them transition their passion into action.

USM offers SSAs a four pillar structure that helps to combine all forms of Sikhi and school into the organizations. This structure is: Simran, Seva, Sangat & Academics. Within this structure, SSAs host activities that help students develop Sikh oriented habits that include Naam Japna, Vand Ke Shakna and Kirt Karna. In order to help SSAs find a balance, USM has:


Fourteen universities all across California have this structure embedded into their SSA constitution and host events under all four categories every semester or quarter. Students have hosted and attended events such as Kirtan nights, beach clean-ups, and resume workshops.

To find out what your local SSA has been up-to, click on their respective links below!