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Annual Inter-SSA Conference

Conference Themes Through the Years

Sant Sipahi

4th Annual Inter-SSA Conference

Agenda: Attendees will learn how to balance the two seemingly contradictory lifestyles, Sant Sipahi.

Guest Speakers: Ravi Singh from Khalsa Aid, along with guest speakers Mangal Kaur from Basics of Sikhi; Punit Kaur, a local activist; Angad Singh, developer of the Gurbani Studies course and our very own Sarovar Scholars

Purpose: Students will attend workshops and have discussions about the saint and soldier aspects of Sikhi, learn how to apply naam and simran to their lives, band together with one another to fight against injustices, as well as how to take initiative to better serve the panth.

Turning Passion into Action

3rd Annual Inter-SSA Conference

Agenda: Discussion on how to balance mental health with spirituality, how to turn your passion project into reality, and how to unify the community behind achievable goals.

Guest Speakers: Mangal Kaur from Basics of Sikhi, England Sangat & special presentations from Sarover Fellows

Purpose: During this conference, we want to introduce individuals to the Sarover Fellowship and give opportunity to those who want to take their passion projects and make it a reality or those who want to join another team. This conference is themed around teaching individuals to become stronger leaders through Sikhi.

Post-Conference: Our Sarover Fellows opened up sign-ups for their projects and individuals were able to join their favorite team. 

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Unity, Not Uniformity

2nd Annual Inter-SSA Conference

Agenda: Education on using Spirituality and Naam as a tool for success, Sangat as a positive influence, and learning to increase efficiency of community service (Seva) projects.

Purpose: During this conference, we want our SSAs to come together in unity to tackle a common problem they see in their communities. At the end,  each school will choose a year-long goal for their SSA to tackle and implement.

Post-Conference: Eleven of our schools chose to educate public schools on who the Sikhs are in attempt to lower hate crime, and one chose to build solidarity with other cultural and religious organizations by establishing an interfaith and inter-cultural council. 

Simran, Seva, Sangat & Academics

1st Annual Inter-SSA Conference

Agenda: Introduce SSAs to the four pillars of USM: Simran, Seva, Sangat & Academics. Education on how to build these pillars into their own SSAs and how to sustain them.

Purpose: USM wants our SSAs to engage in a common goal for all Sikh Student Associations across the nation. We want to create an effective and sustainable platform for SSAs to exist through time. 

Post-Conference: Our schools readily adapted the four pillar structure into their SSAs.