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Gurbani Study

In the Gurbani study courses, we hope to give students a basic understanding of how to incorporate Sikhi into their college lifestyles. Each volume of the course is led by an individual facilitator that leads participants through various worksheets, activities, and pre-recorded videos. Each volume is  a year-long course that is broken down into weekly hour-long meetings.  This course was designed by Angad Singh - who has been teaching similar courses for over six years at various universities. 


Volume One

Subject: Kirtan Sohila

Sources: ​"Santhiya" by Bhai Vir Singh Ji, "Naveen Gurbani Nitnem Steek" by Bhai Harbans Singh ji, "The Encyclopedia of Sikhism" by Bhai Harbans Singh Ji, "Nitnem Steek" by Giani Avtar Singh ji Khalsa


Gurbani Study: Volume I

Kirtan Sohila


Gurbani Study: Volume II

Japji Sahib


Gurbani Study: Volume III

Dasam Bani


university SSAs across North America are hosting these courses on their campuses!

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