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Camp Kudrat

The purpose of these camps is to learn mindfulness and connect individuals to their spiritual roots through Sikhi. Additionally, individuals have a platform where they can ask questions - allowing them to expand their knowledge. We are blessed to have such inspiring speakers, strong leaders, and sadh sangat all geared towards creating a safe environment to experience Sikhi.


Camp Kudrat was founded with the aim of giving Sikh young adults a rejuvenated experience of Sikhi. Sikh young adults are often an overlooked group that are looking to reconnect to their spiritual roots or connect to Sikhi for the first time. They are looking to experience Sikhi without discrimination and without judgement


Camp Kudrat is designed to inspire these individuals to continue their path of Sikhi through the love from sadh sangat, inspiration from renowned speakers, and the peace of nature. This camp is uplifting, encouraging and heartfelt!

Why Attend

Camp Kudrat is a unique opportunity to take a much needed break from the noise of the fast-paced world and slow down to reflect on what is important to you and reset your priorities! Those are just a few of the many reasons to attend, here are a few more:

  • Meet like-minded individuals and make lifelong friends

  • Connect with inspiring speakers

  • Expand your knowledge

  • Build a stronger connection to yourself

  • Make inner peace a priority

In addition to these opportunities, we also have events planned just for your to enjoy! 


2nd Annual Camp Kudrat Highlights - 2019

2nd Annual Camp Kudrat Highlights - 2019

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